Why work with a freelance web designer or web developer?

June 26, 2019

Are websites built by teams? Are freelancers truly independent? Are websites built by teams? And are freelancers truly independent? The answer to these two questions are “yes”, “no”, and / or “it depends”.. as answers often are! Firstly it’s important to note that agencies either often outsource the tasks of web design and web development…

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Do you need a web developer?

April 29, 2019

Is a web developer what you are looking for? Do you even need a web developer at all? If you represent an agency, then you’ve probably been through the process of selecting a web developer several times already. This article is aimed at those just starting out, and will help you determine whether you need…

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Website and Mockup Size Guide

December 5, 2018

A guide for clients and designers for choosing website widths. Most modern websites are wider than their predecessors, and often have background elements which stretch to the full width of the device. Within the full width of the browser window there are two main container widths to consider when designing for large devices. The Two…

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