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For Website Clients

It is a period of builder war. Rebel startups, striking from small offices, have won their first victory against more complicated ways of laying out web pages.

During the battle, Rebel page builders made web page layout so intuitive that theme developers were in disarray over whether they should support them.

Fists were slammed on board room tables with enough power to destroy an entire planet, but most of them gave in and agreed that supporting page builders would be in their best interests.

Pursued by similar, but inferior offerings, Beaver Builder races forward, custodian of the best tools to allow web developers to bring freedom to their clients....


This manual is for you,
the owner of a new website.

Your website was built to be populated and modified by you.

This was accomplished primarily by implementing two powerful tools:
WordPress and Beaver Builder.

As well as having made my life easier, they are also the tools which benefit you the most, and with which you will be working.

The Manual is primarily about Beaver Builder, but it also has general tips for website owners and content managers. It has tips and tutorials to add or modify your content, build and change layout structures, prepare photos, and even how to use some of the recommended productivity and communication tools such as Trello.

Beaver Builder?

Chances are you've heard of WordPress, right?

Beaver Builder is primarily a page builder - a set of tools which plugs into WordPress to make your website super easy to keep updated, or even design your own pages.

Beaver Builder has recently made inroads into making normally hard-to-access areas, such as the header, footer, and archive templates easily editable with the builder.

With Beaver Builder, you simply click on something to edit it.

Try Beaver Builder

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Stuck? Well that's where this manual comes in..

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