Make a Backup

If you are about to write a post or make a change to the content such as editing a post, then it is advisable to make a backup before and after you've done so.

Backups are also your first line of rescue should your website be hacked, or become corrupted in the event of a server crash.

BackupBuddy is the backup software I install on the websites I build. Although BackupBuddy can do a lot more than its name suggests, backing up is what we will cover here.

BackupBuddy = easy peasy

Log into your website. In the WordPress dashboard / backend, find and click on BackupBuddy's sidebar item, usually near the bottom /end of the sidebar. You will arrive on the BackupBuddy dashboard page.


In most cases a simple database backup is sufficient. This will back up text content, including references to new pictures, but not the pictures themselves.

If you've been adding pictures, then do a Complete Backup.

Automatic Backups

Additionally, it is recommended to set up an automatic backup schedule. In some cases this will be set up for you as part of the finishing touches I apply to websites, along with the security software I install at the end.

Should you wish to check if a schedule is in place, or modify an existing schedule, access the BackupBuddy schedules via the sidebar.



How often to set a schedule will depend entirely on how often you modify your website. If you make changes every day, then a daily database backup, and a weekly full backup should cover your needs.

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