Make a simple content edit

Editing content - text or an image - in most cases will simply involve launching the page builder, clicking on what you want to edit, then editing it.
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How to make a simple edit
  1. To launch the page builder

    1. On the front end (not the dashboard), go to the page you want to add-to or edit eg.
    2. Click the Page Builder item in the WordPress admin bar at the top.

    The Beaver Builder Page Builder will load so you can begin editing content on the front end of your website.

    Other ways of launching the page builder

    1. Go to the WordPress dashboard
    2. Go to Pages or Posts in the sidebar
    3. Hover over the page name, and click Page Builder

    If you are on the Edit screen to change the title, date, featured image etc of a Page or Post, there will be a Page Builder button where the content area normally is, or a Page Builder tab next to a Text Editor tab at the top of the post. You can launch the page buider from there.

  2. Hover over the item to edit. The outlines of the builder rows and modules will show.
    • To move an item, click and hold the move icon and drag the item.
    • To edit an item, click the spanner icon for the module, or somewhere in the blue area.
  3. Make your edits
  4. To finalise your edits:

    1. Click Save at the bottom of the module
    2. Click Done near the top-right of the page
    3. Click Publish Changes in the dialogue box

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