Are websites built by teams?

Are freelancers truly independent?


Are websites built by teams? And are freelancers truly independent?

The answer to these two questions are "yes", "no", and / or “it depends”.. as answers often are!

Firstly it’s important to note that agencies either often outsource the tasks of web design and web development to a single person, or they utilise an in-house designer and outsource development, or they utilise a single designer and a single developer working in house.

This means that many websites are often designed and / or built by a single person. So when working with a freelance designer / developer as an end-client, there is an obvious cost-saving on overheads.

Secondly, freelancers who work on larger projects may need to utilise the services of other professionals when it comes to niche areas in any case. Design, writing, animation, SEO, and digital marketing are all services which fall just outside of web development per-se, and on larger projects it may make sense to have a team of independent, but related specialist professionals.

Collective Independence

I recently teamed up with a highly-talented group of professionals with a common vision. We operate as a democratic collective and each department operates independently but in tandem

This ensures a very cohesive empowering process for end-clients. As a client you have the luxury of a very direct communication with individual specialists whilst not being billed for overheads. Our shared vision, well-defined niches, and independence ensures that we work with full motivation while maximising our most pertinent skillsets.