This guideline aims to make working on your website project a pain-free process.

A website project involves closely aligning your needs and requirements with the design and build process.

This page outlines these phases, what is expected, and what you can expect. In here you’ll find recommendations for best practices.

Quick Overview


Once you get in touch I’ll respond quickly to find out more about your requirements. In some cases I’ll assign a designer to determine your sitemap and possibly wireframes – an outline of the website.

Estimating and Quoting

We will then determine a cost estimate or quote, and give you a timeframe for building the site to meet your deadlines.

Design Phase

You will work closely with the design team until you are happy with the design and the design is signed-off by you.

Build / Development Phase

Then development begins and the website will be built on a staging domain. Depending on the complexity of the website you may be in touch with the development team during this phase.


Once you are happy with the staging build, then we can transfer the website to your domain and perform finishing touches to make your website fly!


Although your website will be extremely easy to manage, perhaps you’d like some training, and I’m happy to provide it using whatever method suits you.

What we need from you

A list of items we may ask you to provide:

Information we may need from you

  • A brief and / or specification document
  • Timeframes / Deadlines
  • A domain, with all relevant login credentials (unless we set this up for you)
    • Hosting provider control panel logins
    • WordPress logins
    • FTP credentials

Depending, we can work with you to create or obtain these items.

File assets we may need from you

Please provide us with all requested assets via file sharing means (email, WeTransfer, DropBox etc). These may be:

  • Your logo
  • Style guide
  • Sitemap
  • Text
  • Images

Depending on what you have, we can work with you to develop or obtain these items by prior agreement.


We may need to work closely with you to achieve your deadline, and in general we will need to be able to remain contactable during the entire process.

How we’ll work together

Teams and Phases

Depending on the size of the project, I use teams of specialists to ensure you get the best, most efficient (read affordable) service for each part of the project.

The two main phases are design, then development, and you’ll deal mostly with the designer during the design phase.

I oversee the entire project, manage quality-control, and I’m the primary contact during the development phase.

Platforms we prefer

Wireframing and Flowcharting

There are numerous tools for wireframing and flowcharting, but the best by far in our not-so-humble opinion is Plectica.


We generally use InVision to share prototypes. Creating an account allows you to comment on the design prototypes we provide.

We’re also happy to use Adobe XD, Sketch, or other prototyping tools.

For simple websites we may accept web designs as images, pdfs, Illustrator, or Photoshop documents.

Project Management

In general, we work with project management software during the development phase to ensure the process is very clear and smooth. 

Tasks are arranged in To Do, Doing, and Done lists. For this we generally use Trello. If you’re not familiar with Trello, then please sign up and give it a try. It’s super-easy to use!

File / Assets Management and Sharing

We prefer using a shared DropBox folder to manage files and some assets. We’re also happy to use Google Drive

In some cases, especially for smaller websites, WeTransfer, or even email might be fine for sharing some files and assets.

Documents and Spreadsheets

Although we’re happy to accept Word Documents for text, Google Docs and Google Sheets are much preferred because they allow collaboration and versioning.

Live Communication

Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, and good old telephone.


Yes, we are WordPress fans, but if you need an web-app-like experience we can build custom non-WordPress websites.

What you will get from us

Standard deliverables

This is a standard list of deliverables from us. This list may change on a project basis by prior agreement.

  • Design Prototypes
  • Staging site – a website where building takes place
  • Live website – the final website
  • Training – as required,  in the form of a manual and live chat

Optional deliverables

Depending on your requirements, we may work with you to obtain these additional items:

  • A brief and / or specification document
  • Timeframes / Deadlines
  • A domain, with all relevant login credentials (unless we set this up for you)
    • Hosting provider control panel logins
    • WordPress logins
    • FTP credentials
  • Your logo
  • Style guide
  • Sitemap
  • Text
  • Images

I hope this helps! Please contact me to get started..