The standard Beaver Builder Tabs module, available in all premium (paid) packages, is great. Clients love the ability to display their content in well-organised fashion on a single page.

But there are two drawbacks: SEO, and layout.


Google and other search engines will index the page as a single topic, thereby potentially losing out on the specificity of sub-topics. Competing websites which specifically address the same sub-topic on their own page would potentially rank higher in searches for that topic.

The AJAX Tabs module for Beaver Builder allows you to pull dedicated posts into tabs, and to set a tab as open-on-load. The content of this open tab will be indexable by Google. The content of the other AJAX tabs will not not be indexable.

From here you can create several tabbed pages, one for each topic, with an open, indexable tab on each.

Each tabbed page could be made to be identical, except for the open tab setting. Using Beaver Builder template for the tabs would make this a very quick process.

If this sounds a bit hacky then know that it's pretty much the only way to achieve SEO specificity with tabs.


The standard Beaver Builder tabs module doesn't have Beaver Builder layout tools within tabs.

You can use the Insert Layout shortcodes to get around this:

To create Beaver Builder shortcode:

  1. Get the ID or slug of the content you want to embed with a shortcode. See the Related Article below for info on how to do this.
  2. Create the shortcode using the following format, depending on whether it's the slug or the ID:
    [fl_builder_insert_layout slug="my-post-slug"]
    [fl_builder_insert_layout id="123"]

The AJAX Tabs for Beaver Builder plugin will preserve page layouts built with Beaver Builder, and it uses the same code as the shortcode to preload content for the initial tab.


The Items section has an additional field to set the initial tab.

AJAX Tabs for Beaver Builder - Initial Tab
AJAX Tabs for Beaver Builder - AJAX Post Select
AJAX Tabs for Beaver Builder - Text Editor
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