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Full List of MacOS X Spotlight Criteria and Attributes

Album Title for a collection of media, such as a record album album, title
Alpha channel Whether the image has an Alpha channel alpha
Alternate display names Alternate names of the file
Altitude The altitude of the item in meters above sea level, expressed using the WGS84 datum.  Negative values lie below sea level. altitude
Aperture value Size of the lens aperture as a log-scale APEX value aperture, fstop
Application Categories Categories application is a member of categories
Audiences Who the document is intended for to, audience
Audio bit rate Bit rate of the audio in the media audiobitrate, bitrate
Audio channels Number of channels in the files audio data channels
Audio encoding application Name of the application that encoded the data in the audio file encoder, encodedby, audioencodingapplication
Author addresses Addresses for authors of this item from
Author Email addresses Email addresses for authors of this item from, email, mail
Authors Authors of this item from, author, with, by
Bits per sample Number of bits per sample bitspersample, bps
Category App Store Category item is a member of category
City City of the item city
Codecs Codecs used to encode and decode the media codec
Color profile Name of the color profile used for the image profile
Color space Color space model of this image colorspace
Comment Comments about this item comment
Composer Composer of the song in the audio file by, composer, author
Contact keywords Contacts associated with this item contact, contactkeyword, keyword
Content created Date when the content of this item was created contentcreated, created, date
Content Creator Application used to create the document creator
Content modified Date when the content of this item was modified contentmodified, modified, date
Contributors People or organizations contributing to the content of the document by, contributor, author, with
Copyright Copyright information about this item copyright
Country Country or location where the item was created according to the provider country
Coverage Extent or scope of the content of the document coverage
Created Date the file was created created
Custom Icon Whether the file has a custom icon
Date added Date when this item was last moved dateadded, added, date
Delivery type Method used to deliver the media (Fast Start or RTSP) delivery
Description Description of the content of the document description, comment
Device make Make of the device used to acquire this document make
Device model Model of the device used to acquire this document model
Director Director
Display name Localized name of the file name, displayname
Document Container Containing folder of item container
Due date Date this item is dueduedate, date
Duration Duration of this item in seconds duration, time
Editors Editors of this item editor
Email addresses Email addresses associated with this item email, mail
Encoding software Software used to convert the original content encoder, encodedby, encodingapplication
Executable Architectures Architectures the item requires to execute architectures
Executable Platform Platform the item requires to execute platform
EXIF GPS version The version of GPSInfoIFD in EXIF used to generate the metadata
EXIF version Version of EXIF used to generate the metadata exifversion
Exposure mode Mode used for the exposure exposuremode
Exposure program Type of program used by the camera to set the exposure: Manual, Normal, Aperture priority, ... exposure, exposureprogram
Exposure time Time the lens was open during exposure exposuretime, time
F number Focal length of the lens divided by the diameter of the aperture fnumber, fstop
File extension hidden Whether the file extension is hidden
File invisible Whether the file is visible invisible
File label Finder label assigned to the file
File pathname Complete pathname of this filepath
File size Logical size of the file on disk in bytes size
Filename Name of the file filename
Flash Whether the picture was taken using a flash flash
Focal length Focal length of the lens in millimeters (mm) focallength
Fonts Fonts used in this item font
General MIDI sequence Whether the MIDI sequence contained in the file is setup for use with a General MIDI device ismidi
Genre Genre
Group Group ID of owner of the filegroup
Headline Publishable summary of the contents of the item headline, title
Identifier Reference to a resource within a given context id
Instant message addresses Instant message addresses associated with this item chat, imname
Instructions Other information concerning the item, such as handling instructions instructions
Instrument category Instrument category to which the file belongs instrument, instrumentcategory
Instrument name Name of instrument relative to the instrument category instrument, instrumentname
Is Application Managed The file is owned and managed by an application appmanaged
Is Junk Whether the file is likely to be considered a junk file isjunk
ISO speed ISO speed of the camera when the picture was taken iso
Key signature Musical key of the song in the audio file key, keysignature
Keywords Keywords associated with this item keyword
Kind Kind of this item kind
Languages Languages of the content of the document language
Last opened Date when this item was last used lastused, date
Latitude The latitude of the item in degrees north of the equator, expressed using the WGS84 datum. Negative values lie south of the equator. latitude
Layers Names of the layers in the file layer
Location Name of the location or point of interest location
Logical size Logical size of the item in bytes
Longitude The longitude of the item in degrees east of the prime meridian, expressed using the WGS84 datum. Negative values lie west of the prime meridian. longitude
Loop descriptors Keywords describing the mood and other aspects of the loop
Loop file type Whether the file is a looping or non-looping file. Looping files adjust their tempo to the song tempo, while non-looping files keep their recorded tempo
Loop original key Shows the loops original key. The key is the root note or tonic for the loop, and does not include the scale type
Loop scale type Whether the loop uses the major or minor scale, neither scale, or can be used with both
Lyricist Lyricist of the song in the audio file by, lyricist, author
Max aperture Smallest F number of the lens in APEX value units, usually in the range of 00.00 to 99.99 maxaperture
Media types Media types present in the content media, contains, mediatype
Metering mode The metering mode (Unknown, Average, CenterWeightedAverage, Spot, MultiSpot, Pattern, Partial) metering, meteringmode
Modified Date the file content was last changed modified
Movie information Movie information
Musical genre Musical genre of the song in the audio file genre, musicalgenre
Number of items Number of files and folders in the folder
Organizations Organizations that created the document organization
Orientation Orientation of the picture (landscape or portrait) orientation
Original Format Original Format
Original Source Original Source
Owner User ID of the owner of the file owner
Page height Height of the document page in points pageheight, height
Page width Width of the document page in points pagewidth, height
Pages Number of pages in the document pages
Participants Participants in this item
Performers Performers
Phone number Phone numbers associated with this item phone, phonenumber
Physical size Physical size of the item in bytes
Pixel count Total number of pixels in the document pixelcount
Pixel height Height of the document in pixels pixelheight, height
Pixel width Width of the document in pixels pixelwidth, width
Producer Producer of this itemproducer
Projects Projects this item is part of
Publishers Publisher of the document publisher
Rating User Rating starrating
Recipient addresses Addresses for recipients of this item to
Recipient Email addresses Email addresses for recipients of this item to, email, mail
Recipients Recipients of this item to, recipient, with
Recording date Date the song was recorded recordingdate, date
Red eye Whether red eye correction was on or off redeye
Resolution height Resolution height of this image in DPI heightdpi, dpi
Resolution width Resolution width of this image in DPI widthdpi, dpi
Rights Link to information about the rights held on the document rights
Sample rate Sample rate of the files audio data audiosamplerate, samplerate
Security Encryption method used to make the document secure security, securitymethod
Spotlight comment Spotlight comment for this item comment, spotlightcomment
State or Province State or province of the item according to the provider state, province
Stationery Whether the file is stationery stationery
Streamable Whether the content is prepared for streaming streamable
Subject Subject of this item subject, title
Tempo Tempo of the music in the audio file in Beats Per Minute tempo
Text content Text content of this item content, contains, intext
Theme Theme of this item theme
Time signature Time signature of the song in the audio or MIDI file timesignature
Title Title of this item title
Total bit rate Combined bit rate of the audio and video in the media totalbitrate, bitrate
Track number Track number of the song that is part of an album tracknumber
URL URL of this item url
Used dates Dates when this item was used used, date
Version Version number of this item version
Video bit rate Bit rate of the video in the media videobitrate, bitrate
Where from Where the item came from from, source, wherefrom
White balance White balance setting of the camera when the picture was taken whitebalance
Year recorded Year the item was recorded yearrecorded, year