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Our full technical and keyword SEO service helps customers find your website 

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. It optimises your website for being found by future customers who are looking for what you offer.

There are two ways to raise your ranking with Google and other search engines:

  • Google Adwords are the fast method. You can go straight to the top of Google tomorrow if you spend enough money. The moment you stop spending on ads, you will drop out of sight.
  • Organic SEO is the slow method. It will take a few months, but your rank will rise, and it will stay there because the site maintenance you have done will be recognised by Google’s algorithm.

Do you need SEO?

To get visitors to find you, and to convert those visitors to customers, every site needs SEO.

More than half of all site traffic comes from organic search.
40% of all online revenue is captured by search traffic on Google.

You can learn to do your own SEO

SEO is time-consuming work, but it is not impossible to do it yourself. 
Here is our DIY SEO Guide
If it’s too much hassle, get in touch!

What does Google want?

Look at it from Google’s perspective.
To remain the world’s top search engine, they need to deliver the best results for your search. To assess this, they have an algorithm that crawls around the web constantly, mimicking the path of a Google user. 

The algorithm rates websites on how reliable they seem.
This includes the following:

  • Loading speed.
  • The age of the site.
  • Compatibility with different devices like laptops, phones etc.
  • Respect shown by others (the algorithm reads this through backlinks to the site).
  • Internal links (showing that you value your own content)
  • Keyword accuracy (whether words on the site are the same words being searched for).
  • Good, well-structured KEYWORD-RICH WRITING.

The algorithm is constantly updated to spot efforts to game the system. It can now recognise things like keyword stuffing, backlink farming, unrealistically sudden keyword upgrades (like many new blogposts in a day).

Thus, the best way to do this is consistently, slowly and well. You need a good copywriter and content writer.
More haste, less speed.

You can be your own copywriter or content writer

Once you know which keywords to optimise for, you can choose to:

  • Do your own writing if you have the time and you are good at spelling and grammar.
  • Do your own writing and ask us to edit it so that your spelling and grammar are perfect.
  • Ask us to write for you.

Copywriter vs Content Writer

Keyword-rich writing for SEO takes 2 overall forms.

The first is copywriting, which means the writing on your main website, including your home page, ‘about’ page, product pages, and so forth.

The second is content writing, which in this case is blogging. It is less technical, less specific, and looser. This makes it much easier to write. 

The Keyword Smith's SEO rates

Freelance copywriter rates

The Keyword Smith charges the lowest recommended SAFREA rates for writing.

Copywriting is R3/word.

Content writing (including research) is R2.50/word. That means a blog post of 500 words costs R1 250.

Editing what you have written is R1/word.

Technical SEO rates

We also offer a technical backup package for R4 200. This will include:

  • Website, industry, business, audience audit, analysis and strategy presented in a document
  • Adding their website to Google Search console
  • Installing Rank Math plugin on their website
  • A guide to DIY SEO