About us

The Keyword Smith is your copywriter and content writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are SEO specialists and writers who have demonstrated proficiency in the field of wordsmithery for a long time.

We all know how to turn a good phrase, be brief or loquacious as the context requires, and generally have a great time suiting the right words to the right project. 

We want to have a great deal of fun doing our favourite activity, writing, and at the same time help small businesses in South Africa to do well, as this will benefit all of us in return. This is why we keep prices low and quality high. This is a great country and it deserves the best we have to offer.

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Josie Conrad

Copywriter and content writer from Cape Town.

This work gives me so much pleasure, as I hope it will you. I look forward to listening to you and bringing everything I can to help your online business succeed. I love helping, and I am also genuinely fascinated by the variety of businesses people engage in, and the opportunity to find out all about them in order to write about them.


My childhood influenced me to be interested in everything. With a mom who was a botanist and dad who was a civil engineer, I grew up discussing big-picture stuff like geological time, ecosystems and infrastructure, and then I trained in art and writing. My experience has been extremely varied, giving me insight into a wide range of businesses. I have worked on creative fiction, educational media, shopping mall designs, as an exhibiting artist, in clothing factories, as a cashier and in law courts. I’ve worked as an artist, an illustrator, a writer, a teacher, and as a minimum wage worker mopping floors. I’ve worked all over South Africa, in major cities and minor country towns. I’ve worked in bars in London and as a teacher in California. As storyboard artist I have worked one-on-one with film directors from every country in the world, on TV ads for every major brand that has ever shot a commercial in Cape Town. That’s pretty much all of them. So, I have a keen awareness of core advertising aims and trends, backed up by study.


My broad education reflects my broad interests.
In 2012 I graduated with an Honours in Literature, majoring in History, from the University of Cape Town (UCT).
In 2000 I received a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, also from UCT.
In 1990, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies, UCT. 

Nom de Plume

To keep my writing career separate from my painting career, I use the nom-de-plume Josie Conrad. It refers to writer Joseph Conrad, and if you’ve read him, you’ll understand.

Lizanne Barnett

Copywriter and content writer from Cape Town.

I started writing stories from the age of 10 and finally, when I became a columnist and journalist with the Cape Times at the age of 30, I felt I had arrived in that happy place which was all about words. There I learnt to write to order, the most valuable experience for any writer. In the Features Department we served advertisers, so it was not about the story as much as helping the marketing efforts of clients.

After that there were some detours, but marketing MacTrain (my Graphic design training company) and writing training material, further honed my skills.

A journalist knows a little about a lot and as a freelancer from 2004, assignments to write about soccer in Nigeria, news for expat Australians and ‘green issues’ for Londoners made me appreciate my earlier training.

My 12-year stint at Career Planet put me in touch with what career information young South Africans (16 years and older) needed. I created and updated the FAQ and wrote many an article, necessarily short and to the point and at the level of their Grades.

Then I created a website: www.silvermettle.com for those like myself, who wanted to remain productive beyond 50. I wrote all the articles there.

Finally, in COVID lockdown I am the editor (and designer) of a newsletter called This & That for retirees which is published in both English and Afrikaans.

LinkedIn profile and examples of writing: Lizanne Barnett