Learning Vue.js Inspires Developer to Write Blog Post

Today, 22 Dec 2017, a local developer was reportedly so inspired by learning Vue js that he wrote a blog article about the experience.

The developer - Simon Barnett from Lakeside, or Marina da Gama, or Zandvlei, depending on weather, traffic, and property developers - said he was astonished at finding himself actually sitting in front of his laptop, writing a blog post on his own website.

"Look, I realise some people might be scratching their heads and wondering what the big deal is", he said, "but it's pretty monumental."

"Unfortunately I don't have time to explain right now", he went on to explain, "because I'm actually writing the article right now, but all will be revealed in the following paragraph.. if I'm able to get to it, that is".

Our attempts to obtain and report the information before it had been written about were fruitless, and the interview was terminated and postponed until the following paragraph.

A short while later - about 5 seconds, according to internal sources - we were able to ascertain that what was unusual about the event was that Mr Barnett seldom writes blog posts on his primary domain, and prefers to stick to writing on his blog, TheManual, a practical, website-task-related guide-book.

This could in fact be the first newsworthy - or news-type at the very least- of article that has ever - or at least recently - been publish on the primary domain.

- Reporter, Routers

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