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How much does a website cost?

Pricing for Website Development and Web Design


What does a website cost? A website is a very stretchy piece of string.

A simple website may be as little as R6k ($400), or a complex WordPress website may cost from R15K ($770) to R100k ($5.5k).

Therefore it really depends on the performance, scale and scope of the project. Please get in touch to discuss your project, and we’ll give you an estimate.

How is pricing determined?

How much your website will cost will very much depend on what features you want. This will be determined after a needs analysis. The more complex the website, the more thorough the analysis.

The cost-range will be determined at the start and an initial estimate will be provided. As we get closer to a final spec, then we will agree on a fixed amount.

A 50% deposit is paid at the start, and the rest upon completion.

Extra features beyond the initial specification are pre-estimated on request, and quoted separately as pro-rata items. I estimate how long each will take me, and my hourly rate is R700 ($47) / hour.

The importance of a thorough spec

Determining the exact structure and functionality of the website beforehand is therefore in everyone’s best interests, and is therefore essential for costing.

I work closely with qualified UX / UI specialists to assist in the process of obtaining a very thorough specification document, wireframes, and working prototypes. We’ve raised quality while lowering costs. Read more about the process here.

How much for a basic website?

Pricing for basic websites range from R6k ($400) to R12k ($810).

How much for an e-commerce / WooCommerce website (online shop)?

E-commerce / WooCommerce websites are usually a bit more, considering that there are often a very wide range of options to configure.

An out-of-the-box e-commerce website – ie. a website with a basic online shop – can start at R6k ($400). The upper range will be estimated or determined after a needs analysis.

What is the cost of a pixel-perfect website?

Pixel-perfection means creating a website that exactly matches a designer’s mockup.

There’s a trade-off here. Often this requires going very deeply into the details, so in theory it could significantly add to the time and cost of building a website. On the other hand, having exact prototypes actually cuts down on overall build time, and the results are very high-quality, affordable websites.

Pixel-perfect sites range between R15k ($1k) to R80k ($5.5k).

Can you give me a general idea of what a website will cost?

Yes, please feel free to ask me what any of the websites in my portfolio cost to build, and I’ll give you a breakdown of what was involved, and how much it cost.

What does it cost to do a small change on my existing website?

My hourly rate is R700 ($47) / hour. I will attempt to pre-estimate the cost of the change, and quote accordingly.

What is the current state of website pricing in Cape Town, South Africa versus the USA, UK, and other countries?

Currently web designers and developers charge about half of their USA or British counterparts. This is perfectly fine with us, given that our purchasing power at that rate is generally equivalent to people in the US or UK.

This makes outsourcing web design and development to South Africa a very attractive option. South Africans are known for their good work ethic. Most web designers and developers in South Africa speak English as a first language, so there are no communication barriers when outsourcing from the US or UK.