The Package Training, Security, Performance, Search, and Strategy

When your website goes live, these are the additional enhancements which complete the package.

For an overview of the procedures involved in completing a site, this page has the lowdown..


Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is what allows you to add to or edit your website.

Most of the sites I build are based on WordPress, the world's most popular content management system.

I usually build the front end of my WordPress sites with a suite of tools known as Beaver Builder. These tools also allow you to easily add to or modify anything on your website.

Beaver Builder is very well supported and documented. Numerous resources exist to assist you learn how to use these tools, including my own TheManual.

I don't only use WordPress, however. In some cases I build very custom sites with tools like npm, gulp and Bootstrap. In these cases clients have their own CMS in mind which we integrate accordingly.

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