More about The Manual

If you were fortunate enough to have had your website built by Simon Barnett, or another developer using the Beaver Builder suite of tools, then this manual is for you.

The Manual addresses questions you may have by providing documentation and tutorials. Occasionally, where a suitably-appropriate alternative exists elsewhere, external links will be provided.

The Manual only covers the tools you will find on your website, and your learning will be targeted to exactly how your website should be worked-with.

Currently The Manual is a work-in-progress, and always will be. As it stands at time of writing, The Manual is in its virtual infancy, and hence sparsely-populated. Your questions have, and will continue to steer the direction of The Manual.


There's a fair amount of scope in how a user-friendly content management system (CMS) can be achieved.

WordPress provides the basics, but is focussed on the back end technical aspect of post creation, storage and retrieval.

My opinion is that the easiest system to use is as close to WYSIWYG** as possible. You should be able to click on what you want to edit to edit it.

The type of tool that allows this to happen is a page builder, and out of a wide playing field - also highly-competitive of late - I've selected the Beaver Builder plugin as the best choice in this regard.

Much of this manual will be about how to use the Beaver Builder page builder plugin, or provide external links where appropriate.

** WYSIWYG means "What You See is What You Get". Etimology: Chuck Thacker's wife. I've updated WikiPedia to reflect this.

Skill level

You may be a web-savvy pro or a complete beginner. In most cases, chances are you're somewhere closer to the beginning-middle, and that's where this manual is pitched.

The aim of this manual is to cover all you need to know about your website, starting with topics such as:

  • Logging in
  • The WordPress Dashboard

Then moving onto

  • Beaver Builder
  • Preparing and using images
  • Whatever else comes up..
  • etc.

Please feel free to skip over sections which don't apply to you.

Extra: For your eyes only

This manual will attempt to answer many of your questions, but it's highly likely that your website will require custom explanations for features that only your website has. To that end my clients are supplied with a Google Doc with specific special instructions.


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