Make a simple content edit

If you are new to Beaver Builder, then this is the start of the guide.

It is pretty straightforward to edit your content (text and images).
Launch the Page Builder, click on something, and edit it.

That's the general idea.

In reality the full list of steps could look like this:

  1. log into your website
  2. navigate to the page you want to edit
  3. launch the page builder
  4. click on an item
  5. edit it (This may involve a few extra steps)
    1. Step 1
    2. Step 2
    3. Step 3
  6. click Save
  7. click Done
  8. click Publish

In more detail:

  1. To launch the page builder

    1. On the front end (not the dashboard), go to the page you want to add-to or edit eg.
    2. Click the Page Builder item in the WordPress admin bar at the top.

    The Beaver Builder Page Builder will load so you can begin editing content on the front end of your website.

    Other ways of launching the page builder

    1. Go to the WordPress dashboard
    2. Go to Pages or Posts in the sidebar
    3. Hover over the page name, and click Page Builder

    If you are on the Edit screen to change the title, date, featured image etc of a Page or Post, there will be a Page Builder button where the content area normally is, or a Page Builder tab next to a Text Editor tab at the top of the post. You can launch the page buider from there.

      1. Hover over the item to edit.
        The outlines of the builder rows and modules will show.
      2. To move an item,
        click and hold the  move icon and drag the item.
      3. To edit an item,
        click the  spanner icon for the module, or somewhere in the blue area.

        Note: Modules always sit inside Rows. The row here is the dark grey outline.

        The blue outline in the screenshot is the module, which is what you'll normally be working with.

      4. Make your edits
        Expand the editor - icon, top-right - for more elbow-room.
      5. Adding items

        We may as well throw in how to add something to the page.
        While the Page Builder is active, click the + plus sign near the top right-hand corner of the page.

        The Content Panel opens:

        Choose a module, and drag it out of the panel onto the page:

    1. To finalise your edits:

      1. Click Save at the bottom of the module
      2. Click Done near the top-right of the page
      3. Click Publish Changes in the dialogue box

    And we are done

What can't I edit?

Technically-speaking there's nothing that can't be edited.

Some things you may fine to be off-limits depending on whether you know how to code in HTML and CSS.

With Beaver Builder it is very possible to build a website without knowing how to code, but there are many instances where CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is needed to override things not covered by the Page Builder or the WordPress / Theme Customizer.

The Beaver Builder developers have to strike a sweet spot between number of features and simplicity, and they do an excellent job, including the fact that they provide a Layout CSS / JavaScript field for individual pages and templates.

This tutorial - as the title suggests - covers content edits.

Site Header

Content, which you can edit by following this tutorial. 

Site Footer

Editing the site header and footer will be covered in another tutorial.

The other exception is archive pages, which is more advanced, but we'll get to it.

That's all for now.

Happy editing!

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