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App / Web Development and Web Design in Johannesburg

The full stack, backend web development team is based in Johannesburg. Regardless of whether you need web development, app development or web design in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or anywhere else in the world, we're able to communicate with you effectively to build your product to exceedingly high standards.

The Process of Web App Design and Development

Building an advanced website or app is easier than you may think. It’s our job to consider the details and communicate them back to you in a way that makes sense, a process which is similar in many ways to the process of website or app building itself. We translate complex ideas into something which is simple to understand and intuitive to use.

As well as working with the designer, you'll be in touch with  the development team from time to time to discuss the finer technical aspects of your custom website, web app or mobile app.


When you get in touch, the first step is to discuss your website or app with the design and development teams. We can usually determine what sort of product you want early on in the process. Perhaps you just need a simple WordPress website, perhaps with some design work. Or perhaps you need a custom website, web app, or mobile app.

We work closely with you to make sure we understand your exact requirements. Once we understand exactly what you need we can compile a list of features and functionality, known as a functional specification.

This can be summarised into a proposal with a quote for design and development. In some cases a staged approach with an MVP (minimum viable product) is needed. With this approach you can launch your product, see how people are using it, then make changes in subsequent phases.


Once the quote is approved by you, then we can move on to wireframing the concept. Wireframes are rough sketches outlining the basic structure and functionality of the product. Wireframes deliberately exclude any design influence. This helps to determine the specification and scope of the development side of the project, and gives the designer an idea of what sort of design to apply during the design stage.

In the case of a new product it’s quite possible you’ll also be requesting a new logo and corporate identity, and you’ll work closely with the designer to review concept art for these elements. The designer may present concepts of the product - your website or app - at this stage.


Once the wireframe, identity and concept artwork is done, then we can move on to prototyping. For this we generally use Adobe XD.

Prototypes are working mockups of the final product. They look just like the real thing, and certain interactive elements - such as buttons and menus - function as they would in the finished product. You’ll be able to navigate between pages and screen using the navigation elements just as you would in the finished product.

The prototype leaves no stone unturned. It's the final stage before building a website or app, or a particular part of a website or app. You’ll have an opportunity to comment on any aspect of the prototype so we can make changes. The prototyping software allows you to simply click on something and comment.

The big benefit of working from prototypes is that the development team now knows exactly what you want. Furthermore, the prototyping software allows us to grab measurements, colors, fonts, code and graphic elements and assets straight from the prototype. This greatly speeds up development, and helps to keep costs down.

Going live

Once the development team is done building then we’re ready to launch your awesome product to the world!
We push the website or app live, connect it to various services (APIs, maps, analytics etc.), and publish to respective app stores.


Custom Web Development and Application Development vs Low Code Systems

Custom websites are sometimes referred to as web apps. And web apps are one step away from mobile apps.

Unlike simple websites (for example built with WordPress), custom web apps are purpose-built to fulfil specific needs.

As such, custom web apps only contain the exact code that is needed to fulfil their purpose, and hence they are very fast and very secure.

Advantages of Custom Application Development

Custom Built

Custom websites and web applications are built exactly according to your requirements. Any functionality you require can be achieved, and in the most efficient way.


Security is built into the system from the ground up. With off-the-shelf systems like WordPress, hackers are aware are security loopholes. This makes such systems unsuitable for usage in scenarios where security is a high priority, for example e-commerce websites and apps with a large user base.


Your custom website, web app, or mobile app will be able to integrate with your organisations systems or external systems via APIs.


Since custom websites and apps use only the code that is required, nothing more, they perform much faster and more efficiently than off-the-shelf systems.


Since your custom website or app was purpose-built, adding functionality plugs directly into the code base rather than having to pass through un-needed functionality of an off-the-shelf system, making for a much more efficient way of growing your product.

The Team

Boris grey

Boris Vukasovik


Boris is "back of the back end". He manages the server technologies, database architecture and cyber security.

In his own words, Boris does pragmatic and cost-effective full stack development using the latest and the best of breed technologies.

Boris is a seasoned thinker who swapped his lucrative career in banking for the charms of story telling through code.

He has a particular penchant for API driven startups, analytical applications, rapid prototypes and experiments. Very fast delivery.

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Ben grey

Ben Amato


Ben is "front of the back end". He manages the Git workflow, version control, code libraries, and builds the structures for front end magic.

In Ben's own words: Front end web developer. Fluent with the technologies that make browsers perform their magic on all kinds of devices, as well as the stream of data and security protocols behind the scenes that enables this.

While able to create web software that delivers solutions, Ben is also able to talk the language of business logic with people. Less dizzying tech speak and more answers.

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