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WordPress Web Development Services

Leaner, cleaner, easier, sturdier websites, capable of more complex functionality without slowing you down, because they are targeted to your particular project.

If you're here, it's because mass-produced web products don't meet your needs, which are for a leaner, cleaner, faster, simpler site that does exactly what you want it to. Unlike mass-produced web products that carry a baggage of generalised functions not targeted to you, the bespoke websites we build work for your requirements only.

Tailor-made for you

We design and custom-build from scratch, creating a clean new structure within WordPress. If your project requires functionality too complex for a WordPress solution, we will code a new solution specifically to suit you.

We work collaboratively within a philosophy of Agile Methodology. Our small, expert team members are all self-employed and interact around their niche skills. Thus they do not depend on you, the client, for their downtime. This keeps costs way down and results way up.

Streamlining away the baggage of both standard mass-produced web products and standard wasteful "waterfall" team organising makes for cheaper, lighter, tighter, more efficient web sites. This makes them perform better in a number of ways.

How our websites perform better

1. Lean and clean

Whether it's an aeroplane, a sound system, or a website, you want your tech device to be designed for optimal speed and efficiency, and to carry the least possible drag of unnecessary baggage.

Website aesthetics are thus forever indebted to the lean, clean design of Apple products, which are niche, intelligent and simple. Thus, our websites reflect in their internal structure the elegant simplicity of their surface appearance.

2. Easier to use

As a result of how they are made, our websites are simpler to use. Without the baggage of unnecessary add-ons complicating the user experience, it is easy for clients to update and manage content on their own sites. We will make sure they know how. This means you are unlikely to incur further input from us once your site is live.

In addition, we keep an eye of the safety of your site for free. We install the best security plugins which we keep an eye on so that we can notify you if if you have been hacked. We are happy to say this has not happened to any sites we have built for many years.

3. Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Search engines recognise speed. This is why lighter, sturdier sites do better. Further methods of improving your SEO rating can be discussed if you get in touch with us about them.

5. Fast turnaround time

WordPress websites can be built quickly.

4. Affordable

All of the above means that working with us will save you money. While we are not as cheap as a free site or a mass-produced theme site, the freedom from come-backs further down the line will be easier on both your pocket and your mind.

Our Agile working methodology means that we don't carry large overheads and monthly salaries. We only earn when we work, and we do that in remote and refreshing locations made possible by the genius of the worldwide web.

How do we optimise web development?

What is web development?

Web development is the use of raw code to create functions that enable you to get what you need at the touch of a virtual button.

What is WordPress?

WordPress offers the best content-management structure onto which plug-ins can be attached. As many sites use the same functions, WordPress offers a structure onto which a vast toolbox of ready-made functions which can be assembled to meet your needs.

To take an aeroplane as an analogy, WordPress would consist of the best workshop. Plug-ins by Elementor and Beaver Builder would offer a readymade range of propellors, batteries, wings and wheels out of which you can assemble a sleek flying machine.

By using WordPress, you avoid the expense of making the entire workshop from scratch. In that workshop, our custom build uses only the parts your machine needs. We thus free you from the dragging weight of mass-produced themes, which use plug-ins you don't need and make maintenance complicated.

What does custom coding offer?

To continue the aeroplane analogy, custom coding comes in when you need a whole new workshop for a different kind of flying machine. An analogous example would be when you need multiple pilots carrying multiple cargos. This could be outside of WordPress's capability altogether, or it could threaten to need so many plug-ins that your sleek flying machine would struggle to get off the ground.

This is where we can step in and design a whole new space-craft, using a code stack, such as Laravel, LiveWire, AngularJS, Vue, or React to keep you travelling light.

Read more about our custom web apps and mobiles apps.

If you require an even more advanced product, like an app, we advise first testing out a "minimum viable product" built in WordPress. This means that, using the existing WordPress "workshop" and plug-ins, we can build you the sleekest machine with which to test your product on customers before committing to the expense of a custom-coded craft.

Get in touch now to discuss your awesome WordPress website!

Try a live demo of Beaver Builder or Elementor now. Our Beaver Builder manual is here and the official version is here.

Working with a web developer: the web development process

These guidelines aim to make your website project a smooth and pain-free process.

A website project involves closely aligning your needs and requirements with the web design and web development process.

This document outlines these phases, what is expected and what you can expect, and provides recommendations for best practices in working with a web developer.

This page has information about the web design process.

Web Development Assets: a summary of what we need from you

Things we may ask you to provide:

Information we may need from you

  • A brief and / or web development specification document
  • Timeframes / Deadlines
  • A domain, with all relevant login credentials (unless we set this up for you)
    • Hosting provider control panel logins
    • WordPress logins
    • FTP credentials

Depending, we can work with you to obtain these items.

File assets we may need from you

Please provide us with all requested assets. These may be:

  • Your logo
  • Style guide
  • Sitemap
  • Text
  • Images

Depending, we can work with you to develop or obtain these items.


We may need to work closely with you to achieve your deadline, and in general we will need to be able to remain contactable during the entire process.

Summary of how we’ll work together

Platforms we prefer

Wireframing and Flowcharting

There are numerous tools for wireframing and flowcharting, but the best by far in our not-so-humble opinion is Plectica.


We generally use Adobe XD to share prototypes. Creating an account allows you to comment on the design prototypes we provide.

We’re also happy to use InVision, Sketch, or other prototyping tools.

For simple websites we may accept web designs as images, pdfs, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop documents.

Project Management

In general, we work with project management software during the development phase to ensure the process is very clear and smooth.

Tasks are arranged in To Do, Doing, and Done lists. For this we generally use Trello. If you’re not familiar with Trello, then please sign up and give it a try. It’s super-easy to use!

File / Assets Management and Sharing

We prefer using a shared DropBox folder to manage files and some assets. We’re also happy to use Google Drive.

In some cases, especially for smaller websites, WeTransfer, or even email might be fine for sharing some files and assets.

Documents and Spreadsheets

Although we’re happy to accept Word Documents for text, Google Docs and Google Sheets are much preferred because they allow collaboration and versioning.

Live Communication

Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, and good old telephone.


Yes, we are WordPress fans, but if you need a web-app-like experience we can develop custom non-WordPress websites.

Summary of what you will get from us

Standard deliverables

This is a standard list of deliverables from us:

  • Design Prototypes
  • Staging site - a website where web development takes place
  • Live website - the final website
  • Training - as required,  in the form of a manual and live chat

Optional deliverables

Depending on your requirements, we may work with you to obtain these additional items:

  • A brief and / or specification document
  • Timeframes / Deadlines
  • A domain, with all relevant login credentials (unless we set this up for you)
    • Hosting provider control panel logins
    • WordPress logins
    • FTP credentials
  • Your logo
  • Style guide
  • Sitemap
  • Text
  • Images