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SEO: What does Google want?

July 2, 2021

Imagine heading up the search team of Google, the world’s most successful search engine.How does it get up there, and how does it stay up there? To get up there, Google’s algorithm needs to deliver genuinely good search results for every user. It needs to bring up the most relevant, reliable websites in response to…

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Inbound Marketing SEO in Cape Town

June 29, 2021

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is shouldering traditional advertising into the dustbin of history. This is the central thrust of needing great SEO in Cape Town. Whereas, in the past, marketing intruded into your world from loud billboards on the side of buildings, bridges, lamp-posts, trees, and jammed between your favourite crime series, this…

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Copywriting for effective websites

June 4, 2021

The kind of website addressed in this article is the most typical: one that describes what you offer and culminates in a call to action. Visual tools are not what we’re interested in here: those have been addressed in the previous post. This post is about copywriting that keeps the visitor engaged until they hit…

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Articles of a more technical nature

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  • Adding Custom CSS – Advanced
    How, when, where and why to use custom CSS
  • Things behaving strangely?
    Until one knows something, at first anything and everything might fall under the category of "behaving strangely", so this topic does not cover that (otherwise it would need to cover anything and everything). Here's the Cache In fact it will start out covering only one thing, which is a small caching issue which occasionally occurs.…
  • A List of Resources
    A list of external links to resources. In some cases they cover topics which will be covered here. In other cases the quality of the article is worthy of the crown of me not having to write it.
  • Making Notes, Guides and Manuals
    Being able to communicate visually is vital to the process of building a website.
  • Modules and Terminology
    What is a module, and what are some examples of modules?
  • How to use this manual
    The Manual is very simple to use. This won't take long to explain..
  • Add and Edit the Footer
    Your website may have two footers: a fat footer.. ..and the standard footer at the bottom of the page, The methods for editing them are different. + To edit the fat footer The fat footer is actually a Beaver Builder template that has been injected into the bottom of every page. Editing it is simply a matter…
  • The WordPress Customizer
    The WordPress Customizer is a control panel for the theme's global and structural elements.
  • Logging in
    Just add /wp-admin/ to your URL. To clarify..
  • Page Builders
    What is a Page Builder? Also what is WordPress, a theme, or a plugin?