What is so great about SEO in Cape Town?

Since the birth of the world wide web, Cape Town has been a globally relevant hub for tech culture. Famous brands like WooCommerce, Pastel Accounting Software and the Ubuntu Operating System are originally from Cape Town. No matter what you might think of him, Elon Musk is from South Africa, within which Cape Town is the country’s version of Silicon Valley. 

With its glamorous mountains and beaches, and its gorgeous old architecture, Cape Town rivals San Francisco for sheer beauty. But it is its global position in the vast arc of world history since the Renaissance in Europe that gives it its niche reputation as a place to source web designers, copywriting and SEO.

Remote workers’ paradise

Since the Covid pandemic tanked tourism, it’s become clear that high-end property prices around Cape Town are being sustained by a strange new trend: remote workers in tech industries. They are seeking out a living environment where they can access pristine grandeur for their outdoor hobbies while paying less for land. This combination of benefits for those who can afford them have been key to the settlement of Cape Town from the start. 

Affordable by global standards

Because creative workers are able to better lifestyles in Cape Town at a lower cost, they can afford to charge less to their international customer base. This does not impact negatively on the quality of work, as the town is a first-world city even though it is small.

Web design, copywriting and SEO in Cape Town

Cape Town has long been a magnet for creative thinkers. It has the highest population of artists per capita in the world. It is a major global destination for filming television commercials, which need backdrops which look like first-world cityscapes while being more affordable than back home. And, of course, sunny skies.

This means Cape Town is home to a lot of freelancers from various creative industries. Its historic City Bowl area (the bowl is created by Table Mountain surrounded by the sea) is full of with design agencies. crammed cheek-by-jowl between tiny coffee shops, bars, patisseries and night clubs. Walk into a local coffee bar, and almost everyone there works as a web designer, content writer or SEO copywriter.

Photo by Jaman Asad on Unsplash

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