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We are a small, dynamic team of web developers and web designers in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, providing services to organisations, agencies and individuals.

Our designs are tailor-made and we develop to pixel-perfect standards. Your website will be sturdy, fast, and easy for you to manage.

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Our Services

We take pride in aligning our services to your requirements, keeping tight standards in managing projects, delivering eye-catching designs, high integrity websites and apps, and SEO content which gets found and converts customers.

Our specialists in the areas of UX and design, WordPress development, custom back end and app development, and SEO, are passionate about building your personal website, new brand, or cool startup.

Our services can be approached from any angle, used individually, or plugged in sequentially in neat, modular fashion.

Need a logo or full corporate identity? Choose design. Already have a design, but need a website or app? Choose websites or apps. Already have a website, but need to rank better in search results? Choose SEO.

Need a comprehensive, winning campaign package with some or all of the above? We’ll get everyone involved. Get in touch and let us know about your great idea

By focussing on these four distinct, but intrinsically-related service areas we are able to deliver a comprehensive but tight and highly personalised package to you, our valued client.

Turn your ideas into working designs. We listen to you carefully and interpret your requirements and ideas, capturing and rendering them into succinct, cohesive, and inspiring concepts. We will manifest your ideas with uniquely-crafted interactive mockups and prototypes expertly-built according to the highest UX standards.

When the scope of your ideas extends beyond ordinary website development, WordPress tools will struggle to provide the complex interactivity and performance you require. This is when you enter the terrain of custom-coded builds. For large industrial-strength projects we can custom-build you the products you need, be they high-integrity websites, web apps, or mobile apps.

Once your ideas have been rendered into a robust workable design, we are here to build your website for you with pixel-perfect exactness. Our long experience means there won’t be mistakes which cost you time and worry. We design and build high-performance WordPress-based websites with industry-leading tools and components.

You are aware that conventional marketing is being eroded by inbound marketing. Users search for products and services on Google, find relevant results, and the websites they visit turn them into customers. This is where SEO comes in. A good SEO strategy can help your site get found by your ideal customer, and convert them to your product or service by conveying trust and authority.

Our Approach

Much like the web products we produce, we have a philosophy of being modular, lightweight, yet sturdy and cohesive.

Our specialists are skilled, dedicated and passionate about what they do, and they take pride in giving you the individual attention you and your uniquely-special ideas deserve.

By contrast with other agencies, we avoid mass-production. We don’t offer pre-designed, template-based websites, designs and apps. We know that these solutions never do justice to your brand, and result in bloated, unsatisfactory products.

Instead we take a genuine interest in your business, brand, and project to make sure every aspect is not only taken care of, but also works with every other aspect to deliver a finished product that grabs attention, converts customers, and holds them via the genuine integrity you convey.


We needed to build a complex feature into our website under very tight timelines, that required the skills of a senior web developer.

Simon was recommended to us, and delivered a quality end product, on time and to budget.

During the process he communicated often, gave us ongoing reassurance that the timelines would be met, and solicited input from us proactively.

We’ll work with Simon again, and I have no hesitation recommending him to others.

Kailas Nair,

Simon’s ability to deliver impeccable websites is peerless.

My experience with him has been that he not only consistently delivered pixel-perfect executions of my designs, working to exacting standards, but surpassed all expectations – whether it was understanding and working with the aesthetic intent, persevering to find solutions to the inevitable technical issues along the way, or even resolving problems outside normal working hours.

With Simon you always have the sense that your website is in the hands of a consummate professional bringing vast experience to the task. He combines mastery of the technical tools of the trade with an astute design sense and an unfailing artistic eye.

Together with his efficiency and speed, the dedication he brings to the projects he works on, and a pleasant working relationship, this makes for an unbeatable combination.

Victor Van Aswegen,
Cine South

Simon has contributed massively to both the design and functionality of my website, as well as to its upkeep.

What I especially like and appreciate about Simon is his ability to match design with website functionality.

This results in a website that not only looks good, but functions well and is easy for the user to navigate!

Leonard Shapiro,
Lateral Leap

Our clients

Because we love a success story we give small businesses and startups the same careful attention as our larger clients.

Our custom websites and SEO services are perfectly positioned to ensure your long-term growth.

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