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App developer in Cape Town

We are a high integrity app developer in Cape Town, South Africa. Our select team is ready to build your unique idea into reality.

Our app development process

Our close-knit team puts your target customer in the centre of our careful UX design and app development process.

Our combination of personal connection and professional experience can be summed up in three key parts of our robust ABC creative process.


Our rigorous approach means that every aspect of this complex problem will be thought through in advance. This early problem-solving approach creates exponential value down the line.

Our research methodology will include close connection with your ideas and ideals, interleaving these with studies of related ideas and methods already in use in the field you intend entering.



Our crystalline clear innovation invokes the deep design principle that form follows function. This puts the intended user’s experience at the centre of of our creative process.

Working methodically through the UX design stages of mapping, wireframing and prototyping, we ensure a beautifully-crafted product.



Having nailed down in detail how it will work and look, the building of the app itself and now begin.

This stage consists of a complex process of custom coding. While this vast process is necessarily opaque, we will make sure to keep in touch at every stage so that you are updated about its progress.


What is an MVP?

MVP stands for minimum viable product. It is a version of your website or app with a minimal set of features, released early to get an idea of what features need to be modified, added, removed or improved upon.

In some cases an MVP can be released to get an idea of whether your idea is going to be successful at all. Because of the relatively high cost of developing custom websites and apps, a client may consider releasing a pre-built solution.

A good example of pre-built solutions are WooCommerce websites. WooCommerce is a pre-built e-commerce solution which runs inside WordPress. Various listing and directory themes and plugins are also available for WordPress.

Read more about our WordPress websites.

Think BIG

with a custom website or app

Our custom tech stack is ideally suited to highly performant and scalable database driven websites, web apps, and mobile apps, such as:

  • Ecommerce websites (, Takealot, AliBaba)
  • Property listings (eg. Property24)
  • Rental websites (eg. AirBnB)
  • Booking websites (eg.
  • Review websites (eg. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato)
  • Classified websites (eg. GumTree, CraigsList)
  • Database websites (eg. IMDB)

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