WordPress and custom web development

Custom, bespoke WordPress websites designed to match your exact specification, and built to be lightweight, yet fast and sturdy

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Tailor-made for you

If you’re here, it’s because mass-produced websites don’t meet your needs, which are for a leaner, cleaner, faster website that does exactly what you want it to.

We build custom designed WordPress websites exactly tailored to your requirements.

How we work

Unlike mass-produced web products that carry a baggage of generalised functions not targeted to you, the bespoke websites we build work for your requirements only.

We design and custom-build from scratch, creating a clean new structure within WordPress. If your project requires functionality too complex for a WordPress solution, we will code a new solution specifically to suit you.

We work collaboratively within a philosophy of Agile Methodology. Our small, expert team are all self-employed and interact around their niche skills. Thus they do not depend on you, the client, for their downtime. This keeps costs way down and results way up.

Streamlining away the baggage of both standard mass-produced web products and standard wasteful “waterfall” team organising makes for cheaper, lighter, tighter, more efficient web sites. This makes them perform better in a number of ways.

How our websites perform better

1. Lean and clean

Whether it’s an aeroplane, a sound system, or a website, you want your tech device to be designed for optimal speed and efficiency, and to carry the least possible drag of unnecessary baggage. Website aesthetics are thus forever indebted to the lean, clean design of the Swiss design school, which are minimalist, intelligent and highly-functional. Thus, our websites reflect in their internal structure the elegant simplicity of their surface appearance.

2. Easier to use

As a result of how they are made, our websites are simpler to use. Without the baggage of unnecessary add-ons complicating the user experience, it is easy for clients to update and manage content on their own sites. We will make sure they know how. This means you are unlikely to incur further input from us once your site is live.

In addition, we keep an eye of the safety of your site for free. We install the best security plugins which we keep an eye on so that we can notify you if if you have been hacked. We are happy to say this has not happened to any sites we have built for many years.

3. Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Search engines recognise speed. This is why lighter, sturdier sites do better. Further methods of improving your SEO rating can be discussed if you get in touch with us about them.

4. Affordable

All of the above means that working with us will save you money. While we are not as cheap as a free site or a mass-produced theme site, the freedom from come-backs further down the line will be easier on both your pocket and your mind.

Our Agile working methodology means that we don’t carry large overheads and monthly salaries. We only earn when we work, and we do that in remote and refreshing locations made possible by the genius of the world wide web.

5. Fast turnaround time

WordPress websites can be built quickly.

How we approach web development

What is web development?

Web development is the use of raw code to create functions that enable you to get what you need at the touch of a virtual button.

Want to know more? Here’s a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most-popular content management system by far. WordPress offers a structure onto which a vast toolbox of ready-made functions, themes and plugins can be assembled to meet your needs.

To take an aeroplane as an analogy, WordPress would consist of the best workshop. Plug-ins by Elementor and Beaver Builder would offer a readymade range of propellors, batteries, wings and wheels out of which you can assemble a sleek flying machine.

By using WordPress, you avoid the expense of making the entire workshop from scratch. In that workshop, our custom build uses only the parts your machine needs. We thus free you from the dragging weight of mass-produced themes, which use plug-ins you don’t need and make maintenance complicated.

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What does custom coding offer?

To continue the aeroplane analogy, custom coding comes in when you need a whole new workshop for a different kind of flying machine. An analogous example would be when you need multiple pilots carrying multiple cargos. This could be outside of WordPress’s capability altogether, or it could threaten to need so many plug-ins that your sleek flying machine would struggle to get off the ground.

This is where we can step in and design a whole new space-craft, using a code stack, such as Laravel, LiveWire, AngularJS, Vue, or React to keep you travelling light.

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If you require an even more advanced product, like an app, we advise first testing out a “minimum viable product” built in WordPress. This means that, using the existing WordPress “workshop” and plug-ins, we can build you the sleekest machine with which to test your product on customers before committing to the expense of a custom-coded craft.

What types of websites do we build with WordPress?

WordPress can be used to build many types of websites efficiently and affordably.

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Short for “web log”, a blog is a type of website where articles are posted on a regular basis.

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, so WordPress is almost always the first choice when it comes to blogging websites.

Brochure and business websites

A brochure website is a website where the information presented is static, and does change much over time, but editing information occasionally should still be an option for business owners.

WordPress allows for the easy creation and editing of pages, and a wide variety of themes and page layout tools make WordPress an excellent option for this simple type of website.

Portfolio websites

You will be able to add or update portfolio items on a regular basis.

Numerous themes and page layout tools exist to display your portfolio attractively on the front end of the website.

Directory and listing websites

By installing a premium theme such as Listeo or MyListing WordPress can be turned into an online business directory or classifieds website.

Online shops aka ecommerce websites

WooCommerce is a plugin which turns a WordPress website into an online shop.

The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce is an ideal option for small to medium sized businesses selling products online.

Event websites

By installing a plugin, for example The Events Calendar, WordPress can be turned into an events listing, booking, and ticketing system.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) websites

If you have an idea for an app, in some cases you might want to test the water to see how high demand is, and how users are using your website before making it into a dedicated custom app.

By using out-of-the-box solutions, such as WooCommerce or a listing theme, WordPress can be turned into something approaching an app, and may be a viable cheap option to test your idea before deciding to build a dedicated custom website or app.

What you get in the package

High-Integrity, Premium Quality Websites

Website Design

Our teams of designers deliver premium quality, bespoke web designs which deliver your message, engage your audience and convert them to your product or service offering.

Easy-to-Use Content Management

A content management system (CMS) is what allows you to add to or edit your website. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system.

We build the front end of WordPress sites with a suite of tools known as page builders. We use Elementor or Beaver Builder. These tools also allow you to easily add to or modify anything on your website.

Page builders are very well supported and documented. Numerous resources exist to assist you learn how to use these tools, including our own TheManual.

We don’t only use WordPress, however. In some cases we build custom websites and web apps with tools like npmgulp, and frameworks like Angular.js, Vue.js, and Bootstrap. In these cases clients have their own CMS in mind which we integrate accordingly.

Training and Support

The Manual, and Your Manual

As well as directing our clients to TheManual, an online resource we write specifically for the tech tools we utilise and provide, we also write a custom manual for the usage of your specific website. This custom manual covers the things that are unique to your website.

Personal Training

As part of the standard package we also give an hour or two of personalised training, either face to face, or via phone, video, and / or screen sharing.

More training can be arranged if and as-needed as part of an agreed maintenance agreement.

Security for Peace of Mind

Security Plugins

As well as following sound security practices as a matter of course, for most WordPress websites we also install and set up WordFence and Sucuri plugins. These plugins have complementary sets of security enhancements, and work well together to keep most sites secure.

In some cases we may consider additional security measures, such as installing and configuring the Black Hole for Bad Bots plugin.

For complete peace of mind, however, we advise keeping a backup when a significant number of changes have been made.


We always install BackupBuddy, which creates a .zip of the entire website which can easily be restored in the case of a security breach or any other scenario where the website has been compromised.

If needed, BackupBuddy can be set to automatically create backups, and send them to an offsite destination, such as DropBox or similar.


Often overlooked, updates are an important part of keeping a website secure. When taking a website live, we install MainWP client plugin on the website. It syncs with MainWP Dashboard, which we run on our local server computer. We run MainWP once a week, and it updates all plugins and themes at once for most of the websites we’ve done.

Performance FTW

A fast website not only feels really great to use, but site speed is also a primary search engine ranking factor for the same reason.

A slow website causes people to leave, whereas a fast website will keep your visitors engaged, hence your site will become popular and your rank will increase. Google also pays a lot of attention to performance when ranking a website.

Image Optimisation

We optimise all images on the website using ImageOptim, which greatly reduces image size while retaining quality. This often makes a huge difference to the speed of a website.


We install and configure WP Super Cache which serves a static copy of the website, and that frees up the load on the database to ensure a very fast-loading site.

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