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Working with a web developer: the web design and development process

August 28, 2021

These guidelines aim to make your website project a smooth and pain-free process. A website project involves closely aligning your needs and requirements with the web design and web development process. This document outlines these phases, what is expected and what you can expect, and provides recommendations for best practices in working with a web…

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Visual Tools for Effective Web Design

June 4, 2021

The kind of web design addressed in this article is the most typical: one that describes what you offer and culminates in a call to action. What you say about yourself is not what we’re interested in here. We are interested in visual tools that keep the visitor engaged until they hit the “call to…

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Web design trends for 2021

June 4, 2021

While we stand by the consistent, sensible web design advice given in our post Visual tools for effective web design, this still leaves a lot of wiggle room for ways to make your site stand out in a very competitive field. This can mean following trends which, like fashion or art trends, keep changing, making…

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Website Mockup Size Guide

June 1, 2021

This website mockup size guide is aimed primarily at designers building mockups and prototypes for developers. Most modern websites are wider than their predecessors, and often have background elements which stretch to the full width of the device. This begs the question: when designing mockups and prototypes, what width should I use for my design?…

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Why work with a freelance web designer or web developer?

June 26, 2019

Are websites built by teams? Is a freelance web designer truly independent? The answer to these two questions are “yes”, “no”, and / or “it depends”.. as answers often are! Firstly it’s important to note that agencies either often outsource the tasks of web design and web development to a single person, or they utilise…

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Do you need a web developer?

April 29, 2019

Is a web developer what you are looking for? Do you even need a web developer at all? If you represent an agency, then you’ve probably been through the process of selecting a web developer several times already. This article is aimed at those just starting out, and will help you determine whether you need…

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Website Design – The Basics

August 28, 2017

This brief guide describes some of the elements involved in website design. Website Design Structure Broadly speaking, the outer framework of your website may be referred to as the structure. At the minimum this usually consists of a header, a menu or navigation system, an inner section, and a footer. Menus and Navigation In website…

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A Short Glossary of Web Terminology

August 28, 2017

A glossary of commonly-used web design and web development terminology to help communicate when creating your site. An overview of web design can be found here. Blog Short for Web Log, a blog is a website, or part of a website containing a series of articles, usually listed in reverse chronological order, and often categorised into…

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Articles of a more technical nature

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  • Create a new WordPress post
    This is a no-frills, quick guide on how to add a new blog post to a WordPress website. First, log into your WordPress website. Next, go to +New > Post in the admin bar at the top. You will be presented with the post editor. Add a title for your new post. Hit Enter, and…
  • Adding Custom CSS – Advanced
    How, when, where and why to use custom CSS
  • Things behaving strangely?
    Until one knows something, at first anything and everything might fall under the category of "behaving strangely", so this topic does not cover that (otherwise it would need to cover anything and everything). Here's the Cache In fact it will start out covering only one thing, which is a small caching issue which occasionally occurs.…
  • Making Notes, Guides and Manuals
    Being able to communicate visually is vital to the process of building a website.
  • Modules and Terminology
    What is a module, and what are some examples of modules?
  • How to use this manual
    The Manual is very simple to use. This won't take long to explain..
  • Add and Edit the Footer
    Your website may have two footers: a fat footer.. ..and the standard footer at the bottom of the page, The methods for editing them are different. + To edit the fat footer The fat footer is actually a Beaver Builder template that has been injected into the bottom of every page. Editing it is simply a matter…
  • The WordPress Customizer
    The WordPress Customizer is a control panel for the theme's global and structural elements.
  • Logging in
    Just add /wp-admin/ to your URL. To clarify..
  • Page Builders
    What is a Page Builder? Also what is WordPress, a theme, or a plugin?