Case Study: SNRG (Pty) Ltd


The brief was to design a website for polymer plastics which stood out very strikingly against its competitors.


Although the brief was to design a website for polymer plastics, rather than focus in detail on many different products and services, the client instead wanted to the website to be a simple brochure giving a very broad, general overview, albeit a really stunning one.

The reason for this was firstly that end-users don’t actually spend a lot of time browsing through polymer product websites, unless – secondly – they are competitors looking to copy another company’s business model.

This made for an extremely compelling challenge.


Josh Sowter managed the design process with the client, built prototypes and produced short explainer videos to describe the functionality of the website.

Instead of showcasing each product and service it was decided that the website needed to showcase the unique selling propositions of the business as a whole.

The website URL would be shared at trade shows to entice potential customers to get in touch directly with the client to find out more. As such, the website needed to be very impactful, leaving an immediate and lasting impression.

This was achieved by distilling the message down to five key points, represented by sections on the single page website. Each section was designed to deliver its message in a way that suited the message while keeping in theme with both the branding and in particular, the product.

This last condition – make the website represent the product – was key to our design choices. Specifically, since the product was plastics – often supplied as pellets – we chose a very tactile design approach.

Josh Sowter used Adobe XD to build the prototypes for the SNRG website.
Presentation video by designer, Josh Sowter.

The website was built by Simon Barnett using WordPress, Elementor page builder, with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to create the unique dynamic aspects of the website. Building the website presented some interesting challenges which were resolved to satisfying effect.


Overall this was a very satisfactory project, both for the client and ourselves. We think the results speak for themselves. Take a look.

SNRG, an exciting an dynamic polymer plastics website
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