Case Study: PostModern Studios

An example of Web Design in Cape Town


The brief was to redesign the website for PostModern Studios, a full service post production company. The website features a new logo, bespoke / custom-designed fully animated video sliders, video galleries, and team profiles.


The home page needed to be super-minimalist and yet highly functional to best present the client’s main projects.

Since the website was mainly a portfolio of videos, the main challenge was how to present them. Once we had the design we had to work with system the previous website was using.

Then there was an additional challenge of presenting the portfolios of each of the company’s team members.


Designer, Josh Sowter liaised closely and extensively with the client, William Kalmer, to flesh out the new structure, wireframes and prototypes using Adobe XD. This allowed the client to review and comment on aspects of the work before proceeding with development.

Adobe XD prototypes for PostModern Studios by Josh Sowter.

Additionally, Josh produced some short explainer videos to demonstrate the design to the client before obtaining final sign-off.

Explainer video by designer, Josh Sowter.

Simon Barnett built the website using WordPress, Elementor, and custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript to achieve some of the unique functionality seen on the website.

Using a popular slider plugin as a basis we used extensive CSS and JavaScript enhancements and modifications to deliver a beautifully simple, yet informative and impactful home page with high performance.

The video galleries used the same plugin as the client’s old website, but brought in line with modern design and functionality standards. This was achieved with a minimum of CSS and JavaScript overrides.

The talent library followed a similar approach: enhance existing functionality with CSS and JavaScript.

The new PostModern Studios logo

Although a new logo should usually inform the design direction, in this case we determined that we could leave it until last. Josh presented several options to William who selected the best one.

Logo explainer video by Josh Sowter.


Firstly, since we worked with existing code and plugins we were able to keep costs down while delivering a website that looked very different and vastly more modern than the previous website. The finished product was slick, subtle, and minimalist.

The client was incredibly happy with the work and reported back to us that he had shown it off to many of his industry peers who were similar blown away. Take a look.

A clean and dynamic showcase of PostModern Studio’s work.
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