Add and Edit the Footer

Your website may have two footers: a fat footer..

..and the standard footer at the bottom of the page,

The methods for editing them are different.

The fat footer is actually a Beaver Builder template that has been injected into the bottom of every page. Editing it is simply a matter of editing the the template.[collapse title="Editing a Template" active="false"]
  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard (usually at /wp-admin/ after the name of your website)
  2. Select Templates (or All Templates = the same thing) from the sidebar.
  3. Locate the template to edit, hover over its name, and click Page Builder
  4. Make your changes, click Save
  5. Click Done, Publish Changes.

[collapse title="Open the Customizer" active="false"]

If on the front of the website, click Customize in the Admin bar.

If in the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize.

The Customizer will open as a sidebar on the left.

[collapse title="Change the Customizer settings" active="false"]

  1. Make changes by selecting the relevant section in the settings panel. They will be reflected live in real time on the website.
  2. When done with a settings section, use the back button to return to the menu.
  3. You can get an idea of how the site will look on different device sizes with the buttons at the bottom.
  4. Click Save when done.
  5. Close the Customizer (X, top left)


[panel type="danger" heading="If a customizer setting is having no effect"] Note: if you find that a customizer setting is having no effect, then it's very likely it's a part of the theme that I had to override the setting for.

More info on why that happens

The Customizer works by storing your preferences in the database. When someone visits your website, in order to render a page WordPress checks your setting in the database, then generates a CSS style which it adds to the stylesheet.The web page's HTML code references the CSS to display the page. Occasionally I'll have no choice but to override a style that the Customizer has set in order to achieve something required by the mockups.


In this case you'll notice that the Customizer is not just used for the styling of the footer, but also the content, which can be found in the "Footer Layout" settings panel tab.

Footer Layout

Footer style

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