Create a new WordPress post

This is a no-frills, quick guide on how to add a new blog post to a WordPress website.

First, log into your WordPress website.

Next, go to +New > Post in the admin bar at the top.

You will be presented with the post editor.

Add a title for your new post. Hit Enter, and add some text.

To add images to your post, click the blue + plus sign – the block inserter – at the top right.

Scroll down to find the image block, then click the image block to insert an image.

From here you can choose to upload a new image, or select an existing image from the media library.

Before we publish our new post, we should set a featured image, and set categories and tags for the post.

Click the post settings cog icon at the top right of the post editor.

Select the “Post” tab to access the settings for the post.

Scroll down to the featured image section, then click the grey block to set a featured image for the post.

Scroll down to the categories and tags section to set categories and tags.

Now you can click Publish to publish your post.

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