How to use this manual

Granular, Modular..

The Manual covers a range of skill levels, from beginner to soon-to-be expert.

To cover this range, content that you may already know is hidden inside expandable sections - sometimes known as accordions - usually marked with a + plus sign.

..well, it's not really a secret.
Just a novel way of not overloading you with information : )

Hiding content that may seem obvious to most, but not to beginners allows you to choose the pitch of the article.


(work in progress)

In places you'll notice a few rough edges.

TheManual is new, written on-the-fly, and is still finding its look.

Please bear with me 🐼


The navigation menu at the top is split into two general categories:

  • ⓘ Info
    General information and advice to explain a topic.
  • ⌘ Instruction
    Specific tuition about how to use a tool to do something.
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