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For Website Clients

It is a period of builder war. Rebel startups, striking from small offices, have won their first victory against more complicated ways of laying out web pages.

During the battle, Rebel page builders made web page layout so intuitive that theme developers were in disarray over whether they should support them.

Fists were slammed on board room tables with enough power to destroy an entire planet, but most of them gave in and agreed that supporting page builders would be in their best interests.

Pursued by similar, but inferior offerings, Beaver Builder races forward, custodian of the best tools to allow web developers to bring freedom to their clients....

Well that was fun

Animated purely using CSS transitions.

I came pretty close to releasing it as a custom Beaver Builder Module, coinciding as it did with the latest release in the franchise.

The fact that I didn't is testimony to the fact that I don't have too much on my hands

The fact that I got this far means I had just slightly more than usual at that point.